Get outside,
activate purpose,
and plan for impact.

A three-day retreat for professionals looking to build purpose into their business

October 9-11
Zion National Park


What is InsightOutside?

InsightOutside is a three-day retreat in majestic Zion National Park for professionals to venture outside of their comfort zone, share their authentic self and insights, and participate in genuine collaboration in a quest to learn how to better diffuse purpose into their organization. For three days, you will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, learn from top brands, listen to trailblazers, and explore all the natural beauty that Zion has to offer – leaving you with fresh perspectives and tools for maximizing your company’s impact.

Sometimes you just need to get out of the office, hit the refresh button, and reconnect with purpose.

Why purpose?

In our hyper-connected and conscious economy, brands are actively responding to consumers and employees calling on them to help better the world. Purpose can act as a North Star for brands navigating these uncharted waters – providing guidance on how to instill consumer trust and loyalty, retain top talent, and drive meaningful impact – all while achieving long-term success.

At InsightOutside, you will partake in an enriching journey while exploring how to help your brand rise on purpose.


What you’ll get out of the retreat:

  • Hear compelling stories from motivators, adventurers, and trailblazers about unlocking the human potential.
  • Learn how top brands activate and communicate their purpose through insightful talks with industry leaders.
  • Engage in one-on-one strategizing sessions on integrating purpose.
  • Socialize, problem solve, collaborate, and befriend contemporaries in your field.
  • Explore and experience all that Zion has to offer: mountain biking, climbing, hiking, meditation, yoga, and more!
  • Enjoy glamping, healthy and delicious food, drinks, fireside chats, star gazing, and sunsets.

This interactive, exploratory, and most of all, FUN three days will broaden your view of brand purpose and provide you with practical strategies to embed purpose from the inside out. You’ll learn the value of brand leadership, culture, and storytelling to connect with diverse stakeholders and create multilevel impact. We will highlight key leaders, case studies, and practical strategies for more effectively leveraging your brand’s purpose, or what we like to call, the “Bright Side of the Brand.”


A diverse, experienced, passionate group of leaders.


Todd Spinks

Advisor, Sustainability & Citizenship,

Southwest Airlines

Todd is an avid angler and outdoorsman. And to balance all this nature and outdoors, Todd is also an avid reader of all kinds of books, but his favorite to collect and read are Star Wars books. He has read over 100!


Jo Confino

Executive Editor, The Huffington Post

Jo is executive editor, Impact & Innovation and Editorial Director of What’s Working, at the HuffPost.


Erin Meezan

Chief Sustainability Officer, Interface

Erin is a Leo Vegetarian dachshund owner who likes to hike, bike and travel.


Saskia Van Gendt

Captain Planet for People Against Dirty

Saskia eats insects and thinks that Earth is Plan B.


Martin Wolf

Director, Sustainability & Authenticity,

Seventh Generation, Inc.

Martin is on a quixotic quest to quell injustice and heal the world, and when not sparring with oil rigs enjoys skiing the backcountry of Vermont and biking its roads and paths.


More coming soon!


The days and nights will be filled with adventures, workshops, group activities, engagers, conversations, learnings, and insight. All meals + drinks, luxury tents, activities, and conversations are included.



Define your purpose: understand and realize your brand’s potential for meaningful impact.



Discover your purpose: develop an actionable strategy for setting goals and bringing your vision to life.



Communicate your purpose: Explore how to effectively share your unique story with the world and market your purpose through compelling storytelling.


How do I get there?

The best way to get to the retreat is to fly to McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas. We will organize shuttles to and from the airport and Zion.

What’s included?

The retreat is all-inclusive – accommodations, all meals + drinks, adventures, and conversations are included in the ticket price. Just get your flight out there and leave your wallet at home!

Is transportation included?

Yes! We will coordinate transportation for attendees to the retreat location from the airport. We will also transport you around the park to and from adventures.

How many people will be attending?

Approximately 50 guests. By invitation only.

More questions?

No problem! Email us at and we will respond ASAP

By sharing our experiences, insights, successes, and failures, we’ll be influential in aiding and shaping a hungry new generation of purpose-driven brands.